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The Choice Was \”Clear\” For This Chalmette Pharmacy

Mumfrey\’s Pharmacy in Chalmette called us out to discuss their glare problems. Every day around noon, clerks would need to move their work space, adjusting for the sun\’s glare. The waiting area would also warm up during peak hours of the day.

Our client was aware of the traditional solutions like blinds,shades, and awnings but didn\’t want to lose the natural light.  He also did not want to change the appearance of the building. We informed him of the benefits of window film.  With our CLEAR 70 film, we could achieve heat and glare reduction without changing the appearance of the building. The install was scheduled and performed with no interruption to the daily operations of the pharmacy. The clerk\’s routine of dodging the sun\’s glare every day was no longer needed.

If you have a glare problem at your home or business, give us a call or Contact Us to discuss the many window film options that are available.

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