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Anti-Glare Window Film Solves Several Issues For Jefferson Parish Client

Conklin Metal Industries in Jefferson Parish had a heat and glare problem in their front office. We used a 28% Huper Optik Fusion window tint for this project. This film rejects 65% of the total solar energy entering and will also reduces the glare by 70%. We were able to solve both glare and heat problems with this window film.

At Crescent City Window Tinting, we are experts at solving problems.  If your home or office suffers from heat or glare issues, we invite you to give us a call or Contact Us to go over the many solar control or anti-glare window film solutions that we have available.  If you are in our service area, we will come to you and evaluate your situation.  We have many \”tools\” available and love to find creative and attractive ways to make your environment more enjoyable.

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