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Ceramic Window Film Stops \”Hot Spots\” For Slidell Client

Large windows in residential homes are becoming more popular every day. While big windows provide great views and natural light, homeowners are faced with unwanted UV exposure. This can be a problem and it didn\’t take long for our Slidell client to experience it.

Protecting her furniture and rugs from fading was our client\’s main concern.  In addition, she did not want the shiny and reflective look from window film. This is where our partners at Huper Optik come in. Their ceramic window film blocks up to 70% of the sun\’s harmful rays without the shiny \”mirrored\” look. The result was a great look and the contents of our client\’s home will be protected for years to come.

If you would like to learn more about how our ceramic window film can improve your home\’s environment, please give us a call or Contact Us today.

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