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exterior photo of daiquiri paradise

Chalmette Daiquiri Shop Gets Much Needed Window Tint

Daiquiri Paradise in Chalmette, La has been a favorite bar for the locals for years. They have the best daiquiri\’s in da parish. No doubt.

They are open during the day and they had a problem with the sun like other businesses with large windows. In the evening, it was getting very hot. It would make it hard for the air conditioner to keep the place cool.

After talking with the owner we decided to install a neutral 10% window tint. This tint is dark and slightly shiny to reject more heat.

The more light you can cut out the more heat you can keep out. The reason this tint has a shine to it is because this will reflect the heat outward instead of absorbing it. This is why we NEVER recommend installing automotive window tint on any house or commercial building. An automotive tint will absorb heat and then that heat will radiate into the room.

By installing this darker commercial grade tint on Daiquiri Paradise we solved two problems for them.

  1. We cut out the crazy amount of evening glare that the sun beamed into the bar windows.
  2. We greatly reduced the heat that was entering through the windows.

Now the customers hanging out at the bar in the evenings are more comfortable and the electric bill is down thanks to Crescent City Window Tinting. 

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*This post is of a throw back project we completed back in July of 2011


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