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Clear tint solves heat problem for Uptown client

One of our clients gave us a call saying that she had an evening heat problem. Every evening as the sun was going down it would pour heat into her living and dining area of her home. This made those rooms hotter than the rest of the house and uncomfortable to stay in during the evening hours.

She also did not want to change the look of her windows. She has older wood framed windows that match the style of her home. Keeping this look was important to her.

With a ceramic window tint we are able to greatly reduce the heat entering the windows while still keeping the natural look of the glass. This film has 60% visible light transmission while still rejecting over 50% of the heat entering the windows.

This window tint has amazing performance without compromising the look of the windows from the exterior or blocking the nice view from the interior.

Tell us what you think about this project in the comments below. If you or someone you know needs window tint on their home give Crescent City Window Tinting a call right now. We install window tint in New Orleans, Slidell, Metairie, Kenner, Chalmette, Covington and surrounding areas.

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