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Condo on the Mississippi gets makeover

This condo on the river had some old tint problems. The old window tint was cracking up and peeling.

We removed all of the old window tint and installed some Hüper Optik Fusion 40. This is a beautiful window film. It has great heat rejection while also retaining this stunning view of the Mississippi River.

All of our solar control window films have a limited lifetime residential warranty. They will never fade, peel, crack or discolor. Crescent City Window Tinting only installs the highest quality window films we can find.

We take the most pride in our installations. Chad Westberry runs operations for the company and uses his OCD to your advantage. He is great at making sure every installation comes out clean and surpasses industry standards.

This project involved using large razor blades to scrape off the old window tint that failed on these windows. That is not an easy task. We take great care to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. Once all of the old window tint is removed from the windows we then have to go about our normal routine of installation. This is really two projects in one.

The new window tint looks amazing and totally changed the look of the windows in this condo. \"\" \"\" \"\"

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