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Frost film for privacy at Port of New Orleans

The computer server room at the Port of New Orleans needed a window upgrade. They did not want people to be able to see into the server room as it is not the best view to look at a bunch of servers.

Instead of putting up blinds or shades on the windows we installed white frost film. This frost film adds a nice look to the windows while also providing the privacy they wanted.

Frost can be used for many other applications too including bathroom windows, shower doors or any window you want complete privacy.

This is what the server room windows looked like before the frost was installed.

This is what the server room looked like after the frost was installed. This looks much nicer and the frost also brightened the exterior hallway.

We have used frost film on many different applications that always improve the look of the room. This film can also be used on exterior windows to provide nearly 100% privacy. I say nearly because if you do get within a few inches of the window you can see a silhouette from the other side of the glass.

This frost works great for restrooms too. It still allows light to come into the room but provides privacy.

If you have an application that you can use some frost film for give us a call today so we can take care of it for you. Call Chad Westberry at 504-729-8358.

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