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chad fos installing frost film

Frosted windows are great for privacy

Windows are great for allowing light into a room. They are also awesome to be able to see outside and they give an open feeling to a room.

The only problem with you being able to see out is that means that other people can see in. This may be okay if very few people ever walk past your window, but if your window happens to be in the hallway of a hospital and this is the place you are supposed to focus on work, then it\’s not cool.

This is the office of a doctor at Tulane Medical. He does have some nice glass doors on his office but that also made everyone that walked by want to look into the office at him. He didn\’t like this and needed some privacy.

Frost film is the simple solution. It looks really nice, still allows light in through the glass and also gives the doctor the privacy that he wants.

Here are the photos of the frost window film installation.

We\’ve installed frost film on many applications. Frost is a great solution for any window where privacy is needed. Restroom are another very common application of frost film.

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