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Heat Rejection Accomplished With Huper Optik Window Film

This client had a major heat problem in the living area of her Lakeview home. She has wood framed single pane windows on her home. \”It is unbearably hot in my down stairs living area during the morning hours.\” This was our customer\’s complaint when we came to look at the project.

Huper Optik ESC45 window film was installed on these windows. ESC stands for Energy Saver Ceramic and the 45 means it is a 45% visible light transmission window film. This film\’s heat rejection qualities allow it to keep the room cool while still allowing the natural sunlight to enter the room. The glare reduction is great as well. After half of the windows were complete in the room our client mentioned that the room was much cooler already.

If heat rejection (and heat reduction!) is the goal for your residence, give us a call.  At Crescent City Window Tinting, we have many solutions that will keep you cooler and improve the appearance of you home.  Feel free to Contact Us today.

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