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Home office gets super hot without window tint

Do you have windows in your home that get direct sunlight? If you do than you know that even with blinds the sun\’s heat can quickly heat up a room and make it uncomfortable.

At this client\’s home the evening sun slams his front windows. He has beautiful triangle windows above the door and front windows too. He surely didn\’t want to cover them with anything that would block the view.

He would just leave the front room of his house in the evening because it would get too hot to stay in there. What fun is that? Have a room that you can\’t even use in the evening because of the sun? That\’s crazy. The best part is this room doubles as his house office. Who wants the sun to keep them from making money? No One.

Well this home office/front living area/dining area was getting super hot without window tint.

So Chad Westberry went out to his house and showed the client some different options for window tint that would solve his problem. The heat of course way his main problem but the sun\’s glare was also a bother. It\’s hard to work on your computer if you can\’t see the screen.

This client decided to go with Hüper Optik Fusion 28 window tint. This is a slightly reflective window film that does an amazing job of rejecting everything the sun has to throw at you, including the unbearable heat and glare coming through these windows.

Here is the house before we installed the Fusion 28 window film.

Here is the house after we installed the Fusion 28. Much less heat and glare penetrating the windows.

This client was very happy with the result the Fusion 28 gave him. It\’s not too dark that it keeps all of the natural light out of the room. It\’s dark enough though to reject the heat and reduce the glare enough to use a computer and watch TV.

Hüper Optik\’s Fusion 28 window film has been a really popular window tint for us this summer. We love the way it looks and performs and so do our clients.

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