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Huper Optik Anti-Glare Window Film Product To The Rescue

The workers at Vandyk Mortgage were tired of the battle with the heat. The sun coming in their front windows was making the office heat up and causing some glare issues in the evening.  They contacted us to discuss which one of our commercial window film products would offer the best solution.

We went with Huper Optik Energy Saver Ceramic 35 window film on this project.  This anti-glare window film blocks a tremendous amount of heat without having a very shiny appearance on the exterior. It also reduces glare by 51% which allows them to see their computer screens better and not squint anymore.

How do you feel about the look of this film? Can you tell it\’s even on there?

To learn more about our various heat reduction, anti glare, and energy-saving window film solutions, please give us a call or Contact Us today!

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