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\”Little Debbie\” Saved By Huper Optik Ceramic Film

This truck stop in St. Bernard Parish was having a problem with the evening sun melting their Little Debbie cakes on display in the store. They obviously also had a heat intrusion problem that was causing this. We decided to install Huper Optik Energy Saver Ceramic 35 on these windows. This reduced the heat entering by 61% and the glare by 61% also. After the installation was complete they did have any more problems with Little Debbie cakes melting and they also increased the comfort inside the building by lowering the temperature.  In addition, we also expect them to realize a savings in energy costs.  The film added a nice look to the building.

If your home or business is experiencing \”hot spots,\” we can help.  Our Huper Optik Ceramic window film offers superior heat rejection and it looks great! Give us a call or Contact Us today to lean more.

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