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Crescent City Window Tinting Attends Huper Optik Dealer Meeting in Orlando

Our Huper Optik dealer meeting this year was awesome. It was held in Orlando at Disney World Resorts. What better place for the Huper family to meet and discuss the future of Huper Optik and our industry as a whole? It was a lot of fun not to mention all the cool things we learned.

We arrived Wednesday evening. Our first networking event was a cocktail party where we were able to talk with many other great Huper dealers. We met Charlotte and her husband Laurence who own Winners Window Tint and also operate Tint Tv. They are loaded with knowledge and will be a great asset to our contacts.  We hope to provide them with our insight as well.

Security Film a Main Focus At Crescent City Window Tinting

Security film and school safety were a big conversation this year. David Silversey from Connecticut Window Film did a presentation demoing the performance of security film and how it will slow down an intruder who is breaking into a school, home or business. David has partnered with Safe & Sound to spread awarness of school safety and what schools can do to make them safer.

Safe & Sound is a non-profit that was founded by two mothers who lost children in the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, CT on December 14th, 2012. Safe & Sound provides information and training for schools to help prevent tragedies like this from happening in our schools. This is where security film comes into play. Security film properly installed on exterior school windows and entry doors can help to close the gap between a 911 call and first responders arriving on scene. Safety film is a big focus this year at Crescent City Window Tinting.


Huper Optik Helps With Green Movement at Rutgers U.

Andy Sabados talked to us about working with colleges and universities in the local area. He spoke about the involvement that Huper Optik has had with the Green movement being pushed at most colleges and universities. One project in particular was at Rutger\’s University where a building was getting extreme heat from all the East and West facing windows causing a major heat load on the building. A Huper Optik dealer installed Huper Dre on this building which greatly reduced the heat entering. This allowed the occupants to be much more comfortable and take down the cardboard boxes they were using as sun shields. The reduced heat load on this building has many benefits including the A/C system lasting much longer from reducing it\’s work load, occupants being comfortable and computers last longer from reduced heat in the environment. Andy showed us many of the benefits that colleges and university\’s are interested in and how to approach them about it.

I was impressed with the amount of great contacts we made and how much usable info we actually took away from this event. We are excited to have such a great network of people to help us solve just about any problem we run into.

Let us know, what places can you think of that can use security film to increase safety?

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