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Kill the glare with window tint


Don\’t let the sun keep you out of your living room. One of our clients in St. Bernard couldn\’t spend any time in her living room or watch TV in the early part of the day because the glare coming through her windows was too bright.

I can\’t stand having a huge glare spot on the TV while I\’m trying to watch a movie or a football game. I know this client was frustrated with the sun because it was coming through the windows right into her face.

Having these windows high up in her living room looks awesome and adds a lot of natural light to the house. But when the sun is shining right in your face while watching TV that\’s not cool.

We installed a 10% window tint on these windows which means it only allows 10% of the light to enter the windows. Still plenty of light to brighten the room but drastically reduced the glare. This made the living room way more comfortable.

Now she can watch TV in the early morning hours without a pair of sunglasses on.

Here are our photos of the project:


The window film that we installed on these windows is developed for applcations like this and is 100% safe for dual pane windows.

Most of the windows that we come across in newer homes are dual pane windows. These windows are much more sensitive to heat than single pane windows. What that means is that you have to be cautious of the window tint that you install on these windows.

CAUTION: Do Not install automotive window tint on your dual pane windows. This can damage the seal on your windows and actually break the glass itself.

Don\’t make this mistake. At SED we fully understand the window films that we install and are very aware of which applications are safe and which applications are not.

Do you have windows in your home that are getting too much sun? Call us today so that we can show you how window tint will make a difference for you.

All of our estimates are free and so is our advice on how to make your home more energy efficient.

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