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Meraux Cash Advance Wins Heat and Glare Battle Thanks To SED

The employees at Cash Advance in Meraux absolutely hated working the evening shift. The battle began every day at about 3pm. The sun began to set, and as it did, the employees needed to duck behind counters and put on their sunglasses to slow the enormous amount of heat and glare entering the windows. Saying \”Enough is enough\” Cash Advance called Crescent City Window Tinting for help with their heat and glare problem.

After a consultation about their needs, we installed Huper Optik ESC 35 to help solve their heat and glare problems and make the evening shift at Cash Advance more bearable. The Huper Optik ESC 35 commercial window tint is a ceramic film which isn\’t reflective and allows for a view to the inside from outside making the business more attractive to enter. The employees love their new window tint and don\’t complain of glare induced headaches any more.

If you have a daily fight with heat and glare in your home or business Crescent City Window Tinting can help!  Give us a call or contact us today to learn how we can help you fight the heat and glare.

Notice the difference in glare between the tinted window and the clear window.

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