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All Nations Fellowship Church Gets Glare And Heat Solution

All Nations Fellowship Church in Uptown New Orleans has some very large and beautiful windows.  The windows are wonderful, but they were causing a problem.  The windows were allowing uncomfortable amounts of heat and light into the sanctuary.  Many of the members of the congregation were getting to church extra early just to be able to sit on the shaded side.

All Nations Fellowship Church knew they needed professional help so they reached out to a trusted name in New Orleans, Crescent City Window Tinting.  After consulting with them on the issues the windows were causing we made some suggestions on how to solve the problems.  We suggested Fusion 10 commercial window tint.  This is a Huper Optik line of window tint that has an amazing 10% light transmission, resulting in 88% of the glare entering the church to be cut.  The church was eager to have the work done and once completed they noted a big improvement in reduced glare and heat.  Now any seat in the church is a good seat!   Note: In the photo showing only 2 windows, the pane on the left is tinted, the pane on the right is not, see the difference?

You might not have to worry about light in a whole church, but in just your home or business.  We are your commercial tint professionals!  Call or contact us if you would like more information about the variety of services we offer.

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