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New Orleans KFK Group Building Reduces Glare With Tint

KFK Group is an award-winning real estate development firm located in New Orleans. They have completed many prestigious condominium and retail store front projects in the New Orleans area. Their office is located on St. Charles Avenue and the building is positioned such that the sun pours into the front windows of the building during the mid morning hours. This glare made it very difficult for the people in the office to see their screens, or clients entering the building.  KFK Group contacted Crescent City Window Tinting to help with this problem.  We installed Fusion 20 on the office windows to cut down the glare.  In addition to reduced glare, the heat entering the office was reduced too.

The clients were very happy and much more comfortable in their office after the window tint was added.   If you have glare or heat problems in your office or home, contact us here to find out ways we can help.

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