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New Orleans Residential Window Tint Cools Things Down

This family could not eat dinner in their dining room because the afternoon sun was just unbearably hot. We all know how bad the summer sun in New Orleans can be. We solved this problem with Huper Optik Therm-X 70% window tint. We went with such a light film because the home owners enjoy the light that they get from the windows so we wanted to retain that for them. The film we chose has a very high heat rejection while still allowing plenty of bright light to enter the room. This client says that her interior temperature in the dining room dropped 10 degrees. She also says it made a huge difference upstairs as well allowing the family to enjoy their home no matter what time it is.

We specialize in residential window tint installations all over the New Orleans area. If you have a \”hot-spot\” in your home, give us a call or Contact Us today.. We can help!

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