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New Orleans Window Film Client Gets Relief From The Heat

This New Orleans window film client was so happy with the work we did on their upstairs windows, they had us come back and finish the downstairs area. This late 18th Century home was beautiful, but was plagued by excessive heat gain through the windows. Every evening they would have to close their curtains to help block some of the heat coming in. They wanted to maintain the historic look and value of the home so replacing the French pane glass was not an option. This is where Crescent City Window Tinting came in! We installed Huper Optik Ceramic window film to minimize the heat gain.  This film blocks not only the harmful ultraviolet rays, but also a tremendous amount of heat.   Now our client can enjoy evenings with the family in those rooms that were once unbearable.

If you are troubled by heat gain in your favorite room, we can help!  Contact Us today to learn more about our affordable residential window film solutions.

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