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New Orleans Window Film Project Solves Issues At New Juvenile Detention Center


The city of New Orleans is the final stages of completing a new juvenile detention center that will house 40 juveniles, both male and female. There are two separate housing units with the male and female section divided by glass wall. They needed a solution to stop the male and female inmates from seeing each other through the glass. That\’s where Crescent City Window Tinting came in!

On the doors that separate the two units, we installed a white matte frost film. This film allows for visible light to come through but is very opaque so you cannot see through it at all.  After the frost film cured we also installed a 7 mil anti-graffiti film to protect the frost from being vandalized.

New Orleans Juvenile Detention Center Common Area

There is also a common area in the center of the dorm with glass wall separating it from the bunks. The city wanted to lessen the view of the bunks from the common area and also give the dorm a new look. We decided to install frosted cloud decorative film. After meeting with a city official to select the proper film he stated that he wanted something that would calm the room. According to research blue is known to bring a calming feeling to the mind

New Orleans Juvenile Detention Center Visiting Area

In the front of the detention center there is a reception desk where people enter to go visit with inmates. There is a glass wall behind the reception desk that separates the foray from the visiting area and the security room. They did not want people to be able to see past this wall into the security room. We added a nice looking dusted linen mustard film. This gave privacy inside the security room and also added to the décor of the front foray area.

Since we know that blue adds to a positive a peaceful mind we decided to add some in the visiting area. The film chosen was sea foam pearl, this lightens the mood for everyone inside and helps to keep things happening outside from becoming a distraction. This also brightened the room and added life to it.

Anti-graffiti film was added to the interior glass windows inside each confinement area to prevent inmates from vandalizing the windows. Our 7 mil anti-graffiti film will prevent scratching and marring of the glass with a sharp object. If the film is scratched or damaged it is very easy to replace the piece of film and it will save the window.

New Orleans Window Film Project a Big Success

The city was happy with the way the installation came out and they were excited about the upgraded look of the detention center. If you are looking for commercial window film services, look no further than Crescent City Window Tinting.  We can handle any size job and offer creative solutions to accomplish your goals.  Please give us a call or Contact Us to learn more.

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