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reduced glare in photo booth at premier honda

Reduced Glare = Premier Honda Picture Perfect

\"ReduceThis is an installation done at Premier Honda in New Orleans East on the I-10 Service Rd.

Premier Honda has a very nice photo booth that they use to shoot photos of the cars that go on their website. To see some photos photos of a Honda Ridgeline that were taken in the new photo booth, click HERE

Premier Honda had a lot of glare coming through the windows near their vehicle photo booth. This was causing issues with their car photos as the glare would make for less than ideal conditions to take great pictures of the vehicles.

We installed a white out film that reduced glare and minimized any harsh light from entering the windows. This window film installation allows the photographer at Premier Honda to use his photo booth to it\’s full potential without a the light and glare messing up the shot. You can check out some photos and time lapse videos of the installation by clicking HERE

If you have a glare problem, heat problem or need some decorative film give Smart Energy Signs a call at 504-729-8358.


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