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SED Attends 2015 Huper Optik Dealer Meeting


Our dealer meeting for Huper Optik window films was in Atlanta, Georgia this year. Huper Optik dealers get together annually to learn about new product releases and the latest trends in the market. This is the first year we had a regional meeting. Normally the meeting includes dealers from across the country. This was a nice change though. The meeting was smaller and allowed for easier networking.


Chad Westberry and I landed in Atlanta Thursday evening. That night we met up with all the dealers and the executive team from Huper Optik. We had dinner at a restaurant called Steel. The buffet style food we had was great and we ordered some sushi also. The annual dealer awards were presented at the dinner. After the awards we had time to talk and network with other dealers from our region. This was a good chance for us to talk about the things that worked well and the things that didn’t work out so well in our business over the past year with other people in the same industry. We all have solutions and opinions about each others business issues. It was very beneficial to get different outlooks from other people managing successful window tint companies, just like we are.


Friday was a jam-packed day of information. We started early talking about how we can make our presence at home shows better. We actually have a home show coming up this weekend at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Check out this link for more info on it. Then, we went into talking about networking with architects and building engineers. We gained a lot of useful knowledge on ways we can use window tint to help architects and engineers solve some common problems in their current buildings as well as buildings in the design phase.

The second half our Friday was spent talking about how we can better serve our residential clients. We take the residential side of our business very serious, so it is good to know anything at all that we can do better to improve. Our main goal is to always make sure that our clients feel comfortable with us in their home and to make sure we provide the best experience possible. We gained a lot out from this session on how to make the sales and installation process for home owners smoother.

The meeting was a huge benefit to our company and the others that attended. Our meeting next year is a national meeting that will be held in Las Vegas. We are already looking forward to it!

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