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Smoke-N-Style in Metairie Adds Window Film & Graphic Panel

Metairie, Louisiana is about to have a brand new store focused on the smoker.  Smoke-N-Style is going to be providing the area with smoking accessories and clothes to compliment the smokers lifestyle.  They are in the process of preparing their store to open, but they needed some outside help.  The front of the store is comprised of ceiling to floor glass windows. At certain times of day a lot of light enters through the glass. The owners wanted to protect the merchandise in the store from fading and sun damage.  They also wanted to prevent some of the glare that was also associated with the windows.  To help with these problems they contacted their local window film experts, Crescent City Window Tinting.  We installed Huper Optik Fusion 20 on the front windows.  The film cut out 78% of the light entering through the glass while also blocking out almost 70% of the heat!

The other issue we helped Smoke-N-Style to address was to reduce visibility to a storage room that was at the far left of the store.  We designed and installed a digital  print advertisement on the glass that not only promotes the store, but also adds privacy to the room behind it.

As you can see from the pictures our work made a drastic improvement to the store front.  If you have a business and need some creative solutions for lighting, heat, or privacy issues, contact us here.  We would love to talk with you about solutions we offer.


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