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Chalmette Diner Adds Comfort With Solar Control Film

While Gerald\’s Diner in Chalmette has become the morning hot spot known for it\’s \”early bird special\”, they had a problem.  They were faced with excessive glare and heat intrusion through their windows.  When possible, customers avoided sitting at tables by the windows. Along with their great service, Gerald\’s wanted to provide comfort for their customers as well. We pride ourselves on our solar control film installations and we were up to the challenge!

After evaluating the building, and consulting with our client, Fusion 10 solar control window film was chosen for this project. Huper Optik\’s Fusion 10 is a high performance window film with outstanding glare and heat reduction.

Gerald\’s continue to provide great food and service to their customers but in a cooler and more comfortable diner.  If you would like to learn more about how our solar control film solutions can improve your environment, please give us a call or Contact Us.

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