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window tint on credit union building

Things were heating up at the credit union

It was heating up at Coastland Federal Credit Union in Metairie, La. This building had really old window tint on it that was just not performing any more. The old tint wasn\’t keeping the heat out and most windows didn\’t have any tint at all. They called Crescent City Window Tinting to solve their sun problem.

\"window We went in, removed the old deteriorated window tint and installed some Hüper Optik Fusion 10. The Fusion 10 is a metalizied window film with amazing heat rejection. This was the perfect window tint for this project because the client wanted as much heat rejection as possible.

We install Fusion 10 on a lot of projects because of it\’s great performance. This window tint has really high heat rejection. It also provides great day time privacy.

Adding the window tint to the executive offices on the third floor helped cool things off and cut down on glare too. One employee had paper taped to her window to cut out the early morning glare coming through and blinding her. Now her window is paper free and also glare free with her new window tint.


Let us help you out with your heat and glare problems on your building. We can take a look at the project and suggest multiple window films that will meet your needs.

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