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view of retail store front installation in chalmette, la

Visibility & Privacy in One Project

\"ViewOne of our clients owns a retail store front in St. Bernard Parish with floor to ceiling windows. One side of the building is his retail store and the other side of the building is his office.

He had a lot of heat entering the building from these front windows. He needed a solution that would give him relief from the heat but not block the view of his retail store.

We installed Hüper Optik Therm-X 70 on the retail side of his building to reject the heat but still allow customers to see into the store.

\"exterior \"Therm-X \"Retail

Therm-X is a very light window tint that will allow visible light to still enter the windows while rejecting a lot of heat.

To provide privacy for his office we installed Hüper Optik Fusion 10. Fusion is a reflective window tint that provides amazing heat rejection at a very affordable price. This is a very common choice for commercial buildings. We install this film all the time.

\"exterior \"Installing











Check out a video of this project on our YouTube channel here: Privacy & Visibility Project

Our Hüper Optik window films were able to come through again and provide our client with a solution for multiple problems.

That\’s what we do at Crescent City Window Tinting, we solve sun problems. Give us a call if you have a problem you need solved.


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