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Why Your Skin Will Thank You for Having Tinted Windows

It’s no secret that prolonged exposure to sunlight causes problems such as premature aging and skin cancer.

Skin cancer is unfortunately extremely common and recorded incidents are on the rise. More people in the US are diagnosed with skin cancer each year than all other cancers combined. That’s a scary fact, and it’s only natural that people want to protect themselves from this deadly disease and other skin issues that the sun causes.

But how can people be sure they’re getting the protection they need?

These days, it\’s not enough to apply sunscreen now and then. People always assume that they are protected indoors. This is not the case however as ultraviolet radiation can travel through car and home windows increasing exposure when people least expect it. 

If a person sat indoors in direct sunlight, they are unknowingly exposing themselves to the harmful ultraviolet rays, and the daily accumulation of this exposure can lead to skin degradation and an increased risk of getting skin cancer.

One only has to look at how faded soft furnishings and drapes get when they have been in direct sunlight for a sustained period to see the damage it causes. If sunlight can do that to a persons furniture, imagine the damage it causes to their skin.

A practical solution to avoid skin damage by prolonged sun exposure can be found by adding tinted film to the windows of a persons home, office and car.

As well as looking attractive, tinted window film filters up to 99% of ultraviolet rays thus removing the harmful element of sunlight when it shines through.

The window film is cost effective and a safe way for people to protect themselves and their families from the dangers of the sun.

Research shows that drivers of vehicles sustain more sun damage to the side of their body that’s closest to the window. It’s important for a person to protect the interior of their car to minimize this damage.

Car window tinting is the best solution. More information on this can be found on our sister company’s website: or call 504-281-2121 for more information.

It’s never been more important for a person to protect their skin. As well as being attractive and cost effective, installing window film is a great step forward in providing peace of mind that this protection is being achieved.

Give Chad Westberry a call today to get more information on tinting your home windows. His phone number is 504-729-8358

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