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drei window tint on front of home

Window film saves playroom!

A friend of mine, Niko, recently purchased a new home. His wife and kids love the house. His daughter has her own playroom in the room next to her bed room.

The only problem is that she can\’t go into the bed room or the playroom in the evening when the sun is soaking through the windows. The playroom and bedroom are on the front of the house which gets the brutal evening sun for 5-6 hours while it sets. This was causing the rooms to be 10 or 12 degrees warmer than the rest of the house.

This is what we call hot spots. When one room or area of the house heats up more than other areas of the house.

Niko and his wife, Brook, decided to have Huper Optik Drei installed on their windows. This is a 35% window tint with very high heat rejection.


This photo shows the difference between the tinted windows and the clear windows.

The Huper Optik Drei is not very noticeable on the windows but packs a big punch when rejecting heat.

This window film rejects 70% of the total solar energy entering the windows. That\’s crazy numbers. This is the highest performing window film on the market.

Glare was one of the smaller problems on this project, but still a problem for my friend and his wife. The Huper Optik Drei provides 61% glare reduction which made watching TV in the evenings much easier.


Here is a photo that shows the difference in glare.

Notice how much more glare is entering the window on the right side as opposed to the one on the left that is tinted.

We were able to complete this installation in one evening.

Niko and Brook love their new home more now that their daughter can play in her playroom with out breaking a sweat and it\’s easier to see the TV in the evening.

Our Huper Optik Drei is a popular selection among many of our clients because of it\’s incredible performance in many areas.

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